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About Us

Our company SUPERIOR IS CAST, 1984 in the canalization which is one of vageçil not the system's urbanization since telemünikasyo's, stormwater, gas and manhole covers with the parts of the waste water infrastructure, one of the leading companies in the manufacture of manhole covers and gratings in olmuştur.üretim not only limited in this area OUTSTANDING JOB CASTING bush bodies with the power transmission by increasing the variety of products, is expanding its production area covered and types of standard and custom pulleys. Gaziantep Küsget is our priority in our factory is based on 4.000 square meters of land in industrial quality, technology and customer satisfaction oriented Mediterranian Accordingly, our products TSE Turkish Standard and Top 124 manufactured according to European standards etmekteyiz.ıso 900 quality assurance system 14001 and 10002 management and customer satisfaction documents our company also developed within the framework of the system has identified priority target customer focus targets you can meet the customer demand for our products. Regional and country market in the name of announcing OUTSTANDING WORK FOUNDRY product quality and variety, the foreign markets by moving into limelight in issue.For line with growing industrial production capacity, reflecting the manufacturing of the technologies every day in artırmaktadır.bünye Eges trademark double pot ENDİKSİYON casting furnace system, molding line, sand blasting and cleaning machines, vertical and horizontal CNC machines, balancing machines, more quality products that help the group with universal lathe production, we offer our valuable customers.