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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy Our company Manhole Covers and Rain Water Grid is among Turkey's leading company in the industry. Foundry sector in which we operate, Regarding meticulous and a great contribution to the country's economy, which is the sector. Casting to produce our products in the most cost-effective, we believe that we contribute to the national economy. This Sector Service Delivery Possible Way to the Basic Principles of our policy is stated below.
  • Customer needs on time and to the desired shape,
  • To inform our customers in detail about product use,
  • Being a reliable company at all times,
  • Customer service is the fastest and cheapest way to deliver an agreement with the shipping company,
  • The level of training of our staff to keep a high level,
  • By complying with the continuous improvement in every aspect of our current situation is not satisfied with maintaining the quality management system requirements to determine the basic philosophy.
Our Shared Values
  • Producing to share. "It is essential to share" motto is to embody this consciousness.
  • Understanding of Customer Focused Service;
  • Unlimited Customer Satisfaction with the Service;
  • Products and Services Concessions are subject to our efficiency and optimum Cost of Quality Compliance Principles to Sun;
  • Products and Services that meet clients' needs, Needed figure to Sun;
  • Customer Satisfaction Ensuring the employees and company officials;
  • Unlimited the Service Customer Satisfaction
  • Raising Economic Value of Employee Satisfaction and the Authority;
  • Serving both service and outstanding effort should Demonstration of Improved Services for all employees is essential to the quality and make recommendations.